3 Signs that Show Your Porch Needs a New Roof

Porch Roof Colorado Springs


Your home’s portico is an essential extension as it adds curb appeal to the house. There is no doubt in saying that it grabs your visitors as well as passersby’s attention. Thus, it counted as one of the important elements that need timely inspection and maintenance.  

Here, the question arises – how to suspect that your porch needs a new roof? Brian Pierce Roofing, with an extremely talented team of roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, suggests the following signs that would be helpful to know the right time when you need a new roof for your porch.   

Sagging & Leakage 

With the passing years, your porch starts showing signs of leakage and sagging. To detect this, have a look at the exterior. If you are unable to find the sagging signs from the exterior, then our expert team of residential roofing in Colorado Springs suggests checking from the inside is also paramount. The clear signs including rotting wood, dark streaks, mold development, dripping water, and visible sun rays peeking through the wood boards. 

Unsightly Stains & Bulges

Did you spot ugly stains and bulges on your porch’s roof? These are some of the signs that need your immediate attention as it can lead to major structural damage. Also, the delay will cost you more in roof repairing. 

Shingle Damage

During the inspection, if you find shingle damage such as missing shingles, overlapping components, or curling near the boundaries then wait no more and call your local roofing company. 

Expert Tip – Don’t forget to check out your gutters. Find if there is a collection of shingle related debris in them, then follow the required steps. 

Bottom Line 

Although the porch is a small part of the house, its roof protects your entire house. As the leading roofing contractors in Colorado Springs, we care about homeowners and their safety. We use quality products and materials to provide the best to you and your family by keeping your budget in mind. Contact us today for a free estimate.