4 Easy Steps To Get Your Roof Ready For Fall And Winter

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The short summer season is coming to an end and the kids are headed back to school. With fall on the way, it’s time to start prepping your roof for rain, chill, and eventually snow.

With the weather still in the higher temperatures, it may feel too early to start prepping for fall. And yet leaves can start to fall even before autumn begins.

4 Things You Can Do To Prep Your Roof For Fall

You don’t necessarily need to do anything major to your roof to get it prepared for the cooler season. In fact, you can get your roof ready for fall and winter in only four simple steps.


    1. Clear your roof of debris. When you think of debris, your first thought may be of the problems it causes in your gutters. But debris can also cause damage to your roof. Left on your roof, debris like leaves and sticks can grow soggy with rainwater until it eventually molds. This mold can get into your roofing shingles and insulation.
    2. Clean your gutters. Fallen leaves can clog up your gutters, which can cause water damage to your roof. If you don’t clean your gutters by winter, this water damage can turn into an ice dam, which is a whole other level of dangerous.
    3. Repair your gutters if necessary. After clearing out your gutters and cleaning off your roof, give your gutters a quick inspection. It may be in your interest to contact a gutter repair service if you notice any issues that could turn into catastrophic water damage problems later on.
    4. Inspect your shingles. Your shingles are what keeps water from getting into your roof’s insulation and causing mold and mildew. Because of this, it’s critical that you inspect your shingles before winter comes. Contact a roofing company like Brian Pierce Roofing for your annual maintenance to ensure your roof is repaired and ready for the cold.


Where Can I Find Quality Metal Roofing Materials?

Metal roofs have a minimum of 25% recycled content. This makes metal roofing a great eco-friendly choice for a new roof.

Whether you’re looking for roofing materials, gutter repair, gutter installation, or you need a new roof, the roofing contractors of Brian Pierce Roofing have what you need. To learn more about our gutter installation services and metal roofing materials, contact Brian Pierce Roofing today.