5 Essential Roof Inspection Tips While Buying A New House

Roof inspection

When buying a new house, there are a few aspects to consider including a complete house inspection. A roof inspection is one of the most important tasks especially before buying a new residential property. Generally, the homeowners prefer to have an expert’s advice by hiring the local roofing contractors to make sure their decision of buying the new house is correct. Also, it is a good way to negotiate by finding roof damages.

For a successful roof inspection of a new property, here are the simple steps you need to keep an eye on:

Age of Roof 

The roof age can answer a lot of questions and reveal the condition. Generally, a roof goes for around 30 years or more. The older the roof, the less protective it is to the house. Thus, make sure to ask the age of the roof, or else you will have to do roof replacement after a few years of entering your dream house. 


Check out the stains of leakage or the sagginess in the attic area, ceiling, or walls. Yellowish patches indicate the leaking problem inside the house. An alternative to identify the sagginess is to smell the humidity. If you sense an awful smell then there are high chances of moisture inside the property. 

Shingles Condition

The broken shingles and missing ones tell the truth of the roof’s health. After the interior inspection, check whether there are missing or broken shingles on the roof. This is also one of the reasons for water damage as the roof becomes unsafe to tackle the harsh weather of Colorado Springs. 

There are two things you can do it you find missing shingles 

  • In normal cases, if only a few shingles are misplaced then ask for the roof fixing before you buy the house. 
  • Based on the answers of roof age, water damage, and other things, you can ask for a complete roof replacement or else negotiate while buying your dream house. 


Blocked Gutters and Downspouts 

Being one of the important parts of the house, gutters need to be thoroughly checked before planning to buy the property. The gutters and downspout play a paramount role in overall roof health. Mostly, the gutters need to be cleaned as they are messy and clogged. So, checking the shape of the gutter and inspecting the damage if any to save the future blocking and water damage is crucial. 

Noticeable Damage 

Keep an eye on the visible damages such as small holes on the roof or the broken skylight. These damages are ignored by some homeowners and eventually, they need to get it to roof repair Colorado Springs after they start living in the house. 


Although roof check is daunting yet an important part especially for an unknown property. An easy way that most homeowners do is to ask the seller if they have done roof inspection and prefer to get the reviews. If not satisfied, they go for the complete inspection. A few are failed in this task and miss some of the damaged signs such as moss, rotten sidings, and forget to check the ventilation system. That is why they prefer to hire the roofing company, Colorado Springs, for satisfactory service without any further stress.