6 Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Nothing lasts forever even a residential or commercial roofing system. Every element of the property has its validity to serve your family/employees for a certain period of time. Undoubtedly, a roof check and repair is mandatory after intervals to maintain its health and extend its lifespan. Besides, there are a few factors that need to be considered that affect the lifespan of the roof. 

Below are the top 6 factors you need to know that affect the roof lifespan beginning from: 

1.Roofing Material 

This is the most crucial factor in predicting roof lifespan. Before having a new roof or roof replacement, the first question is about its material. Each roofing material has a defined age. 

Let’s start with the most popular choice in the United States – the asphalt roof. It is not only a stylish option for a homeowner but affordable as well. They are made to stay for about 30 years. Even proper maintenance can extend the years up to 50. However, there are more options that are better in providing longevity as compared to the asphalt roofs. 

Slate, tile, and concrete are proved to be the most long-lasting roofing materials. They can withstand up to a century if installed properly. Whereas, in the case of durability, metal roofing is incomparable. You can choose from a variety of metals including steel and aluminum. They can serve you for more than 50 years with easy maintenance and high-energy efficiency. 


You may choose any roofing material but considering the weather conditions is important. Because the roof is one of the most important elements to protect you from external conditions. Since there is not much control over the weather, your effort must be to opt for the best local roofing company that suggests the suitable roofing material and install it correctly to stand against the extreme weather conditions. 

3.Pitch & Design of Your Roof

The roof pitch and design directly impact the drainage system. As low slope and low pitch naturally have higher chances of water pooling. However, if you do not have proper drainage, your roofing material must hold so much rainwater and snow for a long period. The same goes for the slope that should be built in order to manage the water flow and avoid leakage issues.

4.Poor Installation

You might have chosen the best roofing material by taking care of all the concerned aspects but it’s not going to stand for a long period if installed poorly. The roofing material must match the roof slope along with the proper ventilation, or else, the deterioration of the roof may take place before the expected time. 

5.Roof age 

Inevitably, the age of the roof is the main point to consider as an expected lifespan. Eventually, after a particular period, you need a roof replacement for better performance. 

Final Word 

In the end, all the factors are interconnected for the better performance of the roof and drainage system that are reasons for the longevity of your residential or commercial roof. If you are going to buy or sell a property and have queries regarding the same, talk to the roofing pros and decide wisely. If in Colorado Springs, Brian Pierce Roofing is the leading roofing company that provides a satisfactory consultation with promising services. Thus, discuss your matter and get the best possible consultation.