Addressing Roof Puncture: Causes and Prevention

Nail on the roof

Whether it is a residential roof or commercial, timely maintenance is essential for both. Roofing experts suggest you should perform a roof inspection at least once or twice a year, depending upon the weather conditions and requirements. In our more than 25 years of roofing experience, roof puncture is one of the most common issues addressed during inspection. The roof punctures may look trifling but, it takes no time to turn a tiny puncture leads you to hire roofing professionals for a complete roof replacement.

Here in this article, let’s discuss the causes and preventive steps of roof punctures. 

What are Roof Punctures?

Roof punctures are those hidden holes that take place due to many factors including, weather and collection of debris over it. Usually, these punctures are caused by weight and sharp pressures on the top layer of the roofing material. 

What are the Causes of Roof Punctures?


Extreme weather conditions such as hail, sand storms, or hurricanes are some of the most common causes of roof punctures. 

Foot Traffic

The more foot traffic, the higher are the chances for the top layer of your roof to get off. Shingles are delicate and may easily get damaged when put under pressure.

Nail Hole 

Are you just done with the satellite dish removal? Or a nail drilled in the wrong way while repairing HVAC or remodeling projects? Like this, you will leave behind holes in the roof. 

An Expert Tip: Hire experienced roofing professionals for quality installation and stay safe from these unwanted holes on your roof. An expert knows tiny details on how to seal the unwanted punctures after remodeling or repairing. 

Tree Damage 

Has your roofing contractor suggested trimming the nearby trees for the roof health? The branches of trees excavate the roofing material with the influence of strong winds causing punctures and severe damages. 

How to Spot and Prevent Them?

Spotting roof punctures is not an easy task for homeowners. For this, you need to examine the top layer of your roofing material manually. However, hiring the leading roofing contractors, Colorado Springs makes things easy as they can effortlessly detect the signs of roofing punctures during the inspection. 

Brian Pierce Roofing has hands-on experience in detecting the tiny holes, cracks, and other damages on the top layer of residential as well as commercial roofs. If you address leakage or dripping, contact us today and get a free estimate!