Advantages & Disadvantages Of Low Slope Roofing Systems | Colorado Springs


A roof that is flat or slightly pitched is called a low slope roof or flat roof. These types of roofs are easier to maintain & roofs with low slope last longer than roofs with no slope. You can easily walk over the flat surfaces of the roof so it is easy to spot any leak or roof damage.

The slope of a roof leads water to flow off of the surface rather than gathering in a low spot and causing rot in the structure of a roof. A roof built with low slope roofing systems requires little different methods to maintain a proper drainage system. Low slope roofs can provide us with so many advantages when used with specific types of buildings.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of installing low slope roofing systems in colorado springs:

Advantages: Low slope roofing systems can provide you with multiple advantages like easy maintenance, low cost for installation, cheap material availability, and many more other advantages as well which are as follows:

  1. Cheaper material availability: As low slope roofing systems don’t require much material and also, required material is always available at cheaper costs it is an essential advantage of having low slope roofing systems. Installing a low slope roofing system can be beneficial to us as it can be done at a low budget due to cheaper and fewer material requirements.

2. Low cost for installation: Installation of a low slope roofing system is an easy job and also it does not require much installation material and takes less time and effort to install low slope roofs. As it does not require much labor or heavy materials, installation can be done at a low cost as well.

3. Easy to maintain:  Low slope roofing systems are easy to maintain because you can get on them easily because of the flat surface. If there is any repair required then you can do it by yourself too. In short, time to time maintenance and cleaning work can be done easily with less effort & fewer tools requirements when you have low slope roofs installed and as per colorado springs climate conditions it has advantages for you.

4. More spacious: Low slope roofs can be utilized in many ways as their top surface is flat and it provides you space for utilization. If you want, you can create a roof garden with beautiful flowers or you can get yourself a relaxation lounge. Also, if you want to utilize the sunny climate of colorado springs you can install solar panels easily on low slope roofing systems and it will be easy to keep a check on them as well as its easy to climb such roofs and you can run a roof inspection and solar panel inspection at the same time which will help you to utilize your time and money by saving it.

5. More aesthetic appearance:  Low slope roofing systems look more attractive and aesthetic in a manner. As they are being used more and more in modern houses they also offer us a minimalistic look and cleaner curb appeal. Also, as they won’t be visible easily from beside the house we never need to worry about the dirty roofs as such roofs can’t be seen from the curb.

Except for all these benefits, there are some other benefits of low slope roofing systems such as:

  • Low slope roofs provide you with much safer and easier access to reach them.
  • A Flat roof can provide you with much more modern modifications and different designs to have than pitched roofs.
  • Installations work can be finished in way too little time than pitched roofs.
  • Low slope roofs can be used to install heating or cooling systems easily for commercial or non-commercial buildings.

So if you want to go for installing low slope roofing systems in your house or a commercial building you can consider these advantages to go for them as such roofs can provide you great benefits at low cost and less time.

Disadvantages Of Low Slope Roofing Systems: As a roof is an essential part of home so before choosing a roofing system we should think and know about each aspect connected to a roofing system. We have already discussed the advantages of a low slope roofing system now we should be concerned about its disadvantages as well so that as per our requirements we can decide whether to choose or not low slope roofing systems. Following are the main disadvantages of any low slope roof systems:

  1. Material Availability Is Limited & Installation Requires An Expert: In most cases, materials required to build low slope roofing systems is provided by installation experts only. To get this work done more effectively we need to consider experts so we don’t face overtime leakage or other damage issues in the future. So, this can be considered as one of the disadvantages of low slope roofing systems.

2. Drainage Related Issues: Drainage related issues are one thing that one can face with low slope roofing systems overtime. As per Colorado Springs, climate conditions like snow and rainwater will tend to stay more on the roof if we install a low slope roofing system rather than a pitched roofing system. Water and snow on the roof will lead to deterioration of the roof if not cleaned on time which will lead to leaks anytime and cause us to run more often repairs.

3. More Damage Occurrence: Low slope roofs let any substance stay more on its top, so if they are not being inspected properly it will lead roofing systems to more damages as roofs will rot slowly.

4. More Maintenance Requirements: By now we already understand that low slope roofs tend to work less effectively as per the aspect of the drainage system because water or snow or other substances stay more on its top. So, such roofing systems surely do require more maintenance than pitched ones to get it working effectively for a long time, otherwise, it will start to decay and cause us leakages in a roofing system.

Conclusion: As of now we already have an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of low slope roofing systems that we can consider before going for low slope roofing systems. Pay attention to these advantages & drawbacks when making your decision to ensure you get the best roof for your building. Brian Pierce Roofing is always ready to help with all of your roofing needs. If you want much spacious roofing systems that can be used for commercial purposes and you can maintain and inspect it so often, then its best decision to go for low slope roofing systems to get more benefits at low cost and less time.