Best Tips For Gutter Cleaning & Repairing | Colorado Springs

Gutters are the most important part & drainage system of your home and they save your home from destruction. They divert rain, debris, leaves & snow away from your home. Regular cleaning & maintenance of gutters is very important to avoid the damage, leakage & more repairing costs later. Though most homeowners avoid gutter cleaning most of the time & that mistake leads to damage to your home’s exterior as well as foundation. 

When gutters are not cleaned or maintained for a long time then they can be filled with debris, leaves, dirt & twigs. Due to that gutters can get clogged which will affect the proper drainage of water from roofs. Clogged gutters can overflow with water &  due to the heaviness they can crack, split & even fall down. Cleaning your gutters regularly can save your lot of repairing costs. If the gutters are properly cleaned & are cleared of leaves & debris then they will work fine & will not damage your interior or exterior of your home.

Gutter cleaning & maintenance is a cheap & easy process, even homeowners can DIY to save money. But sometimes it can be a dangerous task if you are afraid of the height. Safety must be the first priority while working with gutters. Spring is the best time to clean your gutters. Here are some tips for gutter cleaning & maintenance:

  • Safety First

When you decide to work with gutters then it is very important to consider your safety first. To clean & maintain your gutters you’ll have to work on heights through ladders for hours & that can be a scary or dangerous job. If you’re afraid of heights then DIY is not a good idea at all. In that case, hiring a professional will be the best idea. 

If you don’t have a phobia of heights then it is necessary to take some safety precautions before starting the work. Use a good pair of gloves as you’ll be dealing with the leaves, dirt, sticks & pests that can cause a risk to your hands. Avoid getting cut in animal waster, dirt & rust to avoid infections. It is best to work from the ladder(make sure your ladder is not cracked from anywhere & secured) than from the roof by leaning in the direction of your gutter, this can cause accidents or you can fall from the roof. Always check for the loose electricity wires, nests, or unexpected hazards.

  • Pressure Wash Your Gutters

After clearing leaves, debris, sticks, & nests from gutters, use pressure washers for more thorough cleaning. Properly secured gutters can easily withstand the power of a pressure washer until you don’t hit them with too high pressure. 

  • Check For Blockages

Debris, leaves, sticks & dirt can block the path of water & due to blockages water can be diverted inside your house or attic & that can lead to the damage of the interior & exterior of your house. It is necessary to check for the blockages of your gutters from time to time or after the storm to prevent that damage.

  • Best Tools For Cleaning Your Gutters

Make sure to use only the best & right tools while cleaning & repairing your gutters. It is best to wear gloves while cleaning to avoid the risk of infections & cuts. A water jet, buckets, plastic scoop, wire handles, cylindrical brush & containers to dispose of the waste are some of the best tools for gutter cleaning tasks. 

  • Inspect Leaks & Broken Sections

It is advised to inspect gutters properly to check if there are any broken sections that may cause leaks & check if they need repairs. Check for loose, missing or bent gutter hangers & make sure to replace them with new. 

  • Check The Downspouts

Downspouts in the gutter capture the water & direct it away from your home. It is important to check the downspouts if they are blocked with debris. If they are blocked then unblock them by spraying the hose down the gutter & make sure if it is clear or not. Water will back up in case it is clogged & that may cause problems. To avoid those problems clean the debris from both the ends or flush them with the hose. You can also unclog the downspouts by gently tapping the side of downspouts.

  • Install Gutter Guards

After cleaning your gutters properly make sure to install gutter guards to avoid repeated repair & maintenance work. Gutter guards keep away the debris, leaves & foreign elements from entering into the gutters. There are so many types of gutter guards available in the market so choose them wisely as per your requirements.

Final Words

Gutter cleaning & maintenance is a repetitive & time-consuming task & due to this reason, most of the homeowners avoid cleaning & maintain gutters regularly. Cleaning them once or twice a year is very necessary if you don’t want to spend more money later on the repairs. It is best to hire professional gutter installers or repair service providers if you don’t have time to do it yourself to prevent more serious & expensive problems in the future.