Follow The Signs Of Having A New Roof

Most of the homeowners call the roofing contractors to get a new roof after spotting a leak through it. There are other signs too that telltale the condition of the roof to get it reinstalled. In this article, check the following warnings and find out the other potential reasons to have a new roof this year. 

Interior Roof Check 

Every house tells a story from its outer as well as inner beauty so the roof as well. The attic gives the first intimation of leakage or broken pieces of the roof. So, examine the interior of it and find out the weak spots that convince you to install brand new roofing over your head. For this, check over the wet stains, or if daylight over the roof boards is invading. The most important signal is the sagginess and awful smell of moisture that turns into peril and also spreads this humidity in the walls of other parts of the area. Obviously, this water leakage and damaging of walls and ceiling are the clear red flags for the existing roof.

Exterior Inspection Of The Roof 

Right after the heavy storm, we usually check the exterior and examine the dents and any damage happens at any corner of it. Along with the dents, have a look at the other factors too such as: 

Check Shingles Thoroughly Especially The Below Keypoints

  • Unwelcoming Plants: Plants look good only in the garden area, make sure you don’t have them on the roof. These unwanted moss create damage to the shingles and eventually lessen the life span of it.  
  • Make sure the roof is spick and span. The shingles must be flat instead of curvy or having cracks over them. 
  • Rotten Areas: The most common warning for wooden and asphalt is rotting. Then rotten, decayed tiles, or missing ones need immediate action. 
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the gutters. You may suspect the granules of shingles there. It might be a sign of great water damage or a roof decay. 
  • Examine the sensitive points like flashing around the vents and chimneys and make sure there are no cracks and breaks over there. 

When is the Right Time for a Check-Up 

The age of the roof is around 20 years. Keep the home improvement records to see when you have repaired or reshingled. This would help you in calculating how much time it has left. 

What Not to Do 

If a small area of the roof needs repair then don’t panic and go for the complete reinstall. Check the condition of the rest of the part and then decide how much it needs to be re-shingled. Save money and time by speaking to a professional roofing company.

Wrapping Up 

If you observed these potential warnings then don’t delay calling the best roofing company for this project. Beware of the shoddy ones and always be in contact with the roofing professionals to save yourself for frequent repairs.