How Does A Metal Roof Keep Out The Summer Heat?

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Metal roofs are known for their ease of maintenance and long life. In fact, they can even reduce your heating bills during the winter by absorbing the sun’s rays.

But what about during the summer months?

With summer just around the corner, the last thing you want from your new roof is a heat wave. Fortunately, metal roofing can help to keep the heat out during the summer so you and your family can keep your air conditioning costs down.

How does a metal roof keep out the summer heat?

For homeowners new to metal roofing, it may seem counterintuitive that a metal roof would repel heat rather than absorb it. After all, metal roofing retains more heat during the winter months to reduce heating bills and keep your family warm.

To get a better idea of how metal roofing works to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s important to look at how metal roofing compares to other available types.

The surface temperature of an asphalt roof typically stays within five degrees of the surface temperature of a metal roof. Yet, in the airspace below the roofs, the temperature beneath the asphalt roof can dip or rise 15 degrees below or above the outside temperature. The temperature in the airspace beneath a metal roof, on the other hand, never falls above or below the outside temperature.

So compared to asphalt shingles, which absorb heat during the summer and cool down during the winter months, metal roofs help keep your home at a similar temperature throughout the year.

How do metal roofs save money on utility bills?

If you’re looking to save money on energy bills, a metal roof is the new roof for you. Not only are metal roofs made up of a minimum of 25% recycled content, but they also help to save you money on your utility bills.

With an asphalt roof, your heating and cooling have to combat against the absorption of the heat and cold. With a metal roof, you only have to combat the outdoor temperature because metal roofs reflect and don’t absorb.

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