How Often Should You Paint Your Roof


When it comes to home improvement, the roofs are usually ignored. Many homeowners might have a misconception that a yearly roof inspection is good to maintain the outer shield of their house. But they need to know the fact that in spite of roof inspection and repairing, roof painting is one of the tasks that are essential to maintain the longevity of their residential roofs. 

Here in this blog, we will be sharing how often you should paint your roof and other paramount points. 


How Often Should You Paint Your Roof?

It solely depends on the type of roof and its condition. Generally, homeowners prefer to have once in 5 years whenever the roof coating breaks down. Or else, after 10-15 years is a must, suggested by the leading roofing company, Colorado Springs. 

What is the Importance of Roof Painting? 

The reason is simple, once the roof coating breaks down, the tile is left bare and exposed to the exterior challenges. Eventually, the roof painting helps to standby for a longer period. There are many benefits of roof coating that convince homeowners to have it on their residential roofs as well as business owners for their commercial roofs. A few benefits include energy efficiency and environment-friendly. 

How to Inspect when Do You Need to Paint Your Roof?

Generally, it’s once in 10-15 years. Also, it depends upon the condition of your roof. If you find breakdowns of roof coating then go for it. In case, you are not able to decide what roof pain should you use or is it the right time to paint your roof, then contact the roofing professionals who would consult you on the best solution for your roof.  

Bottom Line 

Roofs are equally important as the other parts of the hose or workplace. Thus, taking care of it at each stage is essential for the owner. Roof coating is one of those tasks in the list of extending the roof lifespan. If you need a consultation about it and want to know more deeply then ask the experts. The highly experienced roofers of Brian Pierce Roofing are available to render a satisfactory consultation and a free estimate for your project. To reach, contact us today!