How to Maintain Your Green Roof

Green Roof

After installing a green roof, homeowners are curious to know about the maintenance and other things such as the benefits of having a living roof. The green roofs are just like the landscape and demand the same care. The only difference is that these roofs need a trained person who can climb up and maintain the vegetation easily with proper equipment. Thus, the homeowners are advised to head to their roof only if they are confident enough or else hiring the roofing contractor is the wise move, says the experts of Brian Pierce Roofing. 

For those, who are planning to install or maintain their living roofs need to go through the following key areas to maintain it. 

Four Key Areas to Maintain 

It is highly essential to keep a roof up to the mark whether it is a metal roof, asphalt, or living. In this post, let’s discuss the following key areas of concern for living roofs. 

Removal of Unwanted Weeds 

Just like the landscaping, here also removal of weeds is equally important. The weeds can easily find their way in all kinds of areas that are not required. The efforts needed to remove them are also easy. You just need a hand pulling technique for this task. 

Irrigation System 

Most of the green roofs need irrigation and regular care for about 90 days to get established. Moreover, inspecting the irrigation system is essential to check whether it is working properly and make sure the green roof is receiving enough moisture timely. Also, don’t forget to check the irrigation pipes for damage due to mice and other pests. 

An Expert Tip: For extremely hot areas or summers, deep M-Trays are really helpful to keep the required moisture levels during these dry months. 


Inevitably, green roofs need to meet nutritional needs like landscaping. For this, using suitable fertilizers is always supportive in maintaining nutrient levels for the long term. To help the certain plant’s health, the application of fertilizers should always be kept to a minimum or as per the requirement. For instance, Granular fertilizers are ideal for sedum which is available in many garden centers.

Clear Drain Head & Outlets 

It is essential to clear all the debris from the drainage outlet. By doing this, the chances of water ponding and overloading on the green roof are lesser with better performance. Thus, this step is essential for all types of roofs and helpful in maintaining roof health.   

Final Word

Green roof installation and maintenance are complex tasks that are mostly advised to get it done from the local roofing contractors. If in Colorado Springs, contact us and get a free consultation for your living roof installation or roof repair Colorado Springs. We render the best service and suggest the best roofing solutions by keeping all the aspects including weather and budget.