How To Spot & Deal With The Hail Damage On Your Roof

Colorado Springs is one of the hail prone areas in the U.S. The strong winds leave their impression on the exterior of your house as well as belongings in the form of dents, cracks, and other forms of damages to the property. The damage to the patio, sidings, and vehicles can be easily detected by the visible dents. The challenging part is the roof inspection after the hail storm and to spot the damage as not all damages are visible. 

The hail effect on the roof can not be seen from the ground. This is the reason most of the homeowners are unaware of the broken or missing shingles and avoid checking their rooftop. Although, it is daunting to detect the damage on the top of the house yet important to avoid structural deterioration that may cause severe future damages. 

Three Major Types of Damage Caused by Hail Storm

There are many signs of hail damage out of which three are the major ones you need to know while roof inspection. These are granule loss, cracking, and bruising. 

  1. Granules are crushed stone-like over the shingles. The phase when a shingle releases granules, it signifies asphalt coating exposure to the elements. Resultantly, the roof appears aged and discolored. Keep an eye in the gutters and downspouts after the hail storm. If you find the black substrate, it means the granules have come off your shingles. 
  2. If the hail hits hard, it makes circular cracks on the roof. It’s important to find those cracks if any. The cracked shingles are unable to secure the roof from the bad weather for a long time.
  3. It needs a deep inspection to see if the roof has deteriorated after the weather or not. You need to feel for small dings and pressing to see whether it can bend inside. If yes, it is the third major sign that the area has begun to crumble. 

Besides, it’s a great idea to check your home’s windows to detect the cracks. After a complete inspection, if you find any interior water damage or missing shingle then you must head to a professional roof repair. 

What if You Skipped these Roof Repairs? 

Some homeowners prefer to save money and avoid roof repairs. The reason behind this can be they find these damages smaller than actual and opt to neglect the fixing. Resultantly, the roof damage takes no time to turn into leaks and ice dams. Also, they don’t realize when mold damage to electrical issues to rotten wood takes place. Eventually, all these fixes require a lot more money. 

How to Deal with the Hail Damage on the Roof 

It’s important to make correct decisions before things get worse. Thus, when you find the roof damages especially the major three signs then it’s the best time to take the next step. 

Undoubtedly, the next move is to find the best roofing contractors Colorado Springs. The roofing professionals have experience of several years in catching the minor cracks that might be skipped by you during the roof inspection.