Ice Dams: What Causes Them And How Do I Stop Them?

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Winter weather can bring its own fair share of roofing issues. While most of these problems are harmless if caught early enough and repaired by a professional roofing service, some can be dangerous.

Ice dams are one of the most common winter roofing problems, and they can cause some major damage if left unrepaired. But what kind of damage do ice dams cause and how do they form in the first place?

What causes ice dams to form?

Ice dams form because of many different reasons, but the one cause they have in common is moisture. When moisture becomes trapped on the roof and beneath the shingles, the water can freeze.

When snow and moisture build on the frozen water, it can cause more weight to build upon the roof. When enough of this weight builds up, it can cause the roof to cave in on itself.

So how do you know what’s causing moisture to build up on your roof? Here are some of the most common reasons and how you can fix them.

  1. Poor insulation. When you have poor insulation, the cold air from outside can creep into your attic where it meets the warm air from inside your house. This causes condensation to form just beneath your shingles. To fix this issue, contact a professional Colorado Springs roofing service to remove the moisture and to repair your insulation.
  2. Snow buildup. When snow builds up on your roof, the snow at the bottom can begin to melt while the snow on top freezes. This traps the moisture and creates an ice dam, especially when there are many sunny days with low temperatures throughout the week. To prevent snow buildup, use a rake or pole to carefully remove snow from your roof. Don’t try to get onto your roof. If you’re unable to remove the snow by yourself, contact a Colorado Springs roofing service.
  3. Clogged gutters. When your gutters are clogged, it causes water to back up into the gutters and onto the roof. This can keep moisture beneath your shingles when the water starts to freeze. Luckily, you can usually tell if you have a blocked gutter because your roof will have icicles hanging from it. To keep water running smoothly through your gutters, contact a Colorado Springs roofing service to get rid of the clog.

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Up to 65% of homeowners said they were most likely to repair their roof due to weather damage. This is understandable considering the amount of damage the elements can cause.

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