Importance Of Metal Chimney Caps & Reasons To Install Chimney Caps In Colorado Springs

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Chimney on the top of your roof consists of so many elements & those plays very important roles by ensuring the proper functioning of your chimney. The main function of your chimney is to let the smoke out of your fireplace safely & to ensure nothing comes back in. Chimney caps are the most essential & critical component of your chimney system that protects the entire chimney system. If a functioning chimney cap is properly installed in place then you can rest assured about the safety & functionality of the fireplace & chimney.

What are Chimney Caps?

Chimney caps are used for covering the top of your chimneys. It prevents rainwater or other objects from entering the chimney. Metal chimneys usually include wire mesh which also prevents birds or other flying insects from entering chimneys. Metal chimney caps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes & also can be custom created that adds curb appeal to your home. Chimney caps last long if they are made of sturdy, durable & corrosion-resistant material. To avoid water leakages, animal/bird nesting & damages, chimney caps are the best & inexpensive preventive measure. 

Rainwater can easily be funneled if there is no cap over the chimney that can lead to the moisture in a chimney flue. This moisture in the chimney can lead to liner deterioration & can create potential for blockages. Chimney caps can prevent this from happening as well as they can prevent combustible materials from landing on the roof if there is a chimney fire.

Importance of Chimney Caps

Chimney caps play a very important role in sustaining the safety of your fireplace/chimney systems. Chimney caps protect your chimney from water penetration, animal intrusion, debris & moisture. Without chimney caps, animals like birds, squirrels & raccoons can nest inside the chimney which can cause huge problems to both you and animals. Chimney caps are not really expensive and installing them is also an easy process. 

The right chimney cap can improve the efficiency of your chimney. Due to weather conditions like snow & rain in Colorado Springs, it is very important to install a cap over your chimney to avoid the water & snow entering inside the chimney. It also prevents wind from affecting your fire, as running a fireplace without a chimney means there are chances of trouble. Your chimney can lead to more damage & repair related issues more often without a cap. 

Here are 6 reasons to install chimney caps:

  1. Keeps out rain & moisture: As we are familiar with the weather conditions that Colorado Springs face including rain & snowfalls. Even Though chimneys are designed to tolerate any kind of weather conditions, if you have not installed a chimney cap on the top of your chimney then through open hole water from rain or melting snowfall can easily get inside your chimney’s flue, attic or house. Moisture from rain or melting snow can cause huge damage in your ceiling, walls, bricks in your chimney & wooden structure of your attic. So it is very important to install chimney caps to prevent rainwater from entering your chimney & to reduce the damage caused by moisture.

2. Keep out animals: To avoid the rainstorms, snowfalls & cool climate conditions of Colorado Springs, animals like squirrels, bats, raccoons, birds, snakes & other small animals climb into chimneys & build nests over open chimneys for a warm & cozy shelter. Due to that chimney becomes obstructed & smoke from the fire has no place to get out of the chimney & it gets back to the house & damages the interior of your home. Other than these problems animals get trapped inside the chimney & also die that leads to horrible smell as well as bug infestation. To prevent these problems it is very important to install chimney caps with mesh.

3. Prevents Exterior Fires: Without a chimney cap hot sparks & embers can get out of your chimney & can land on the chimney or nearby houses & can cause a house fire accidents. More aggressive sparks & embers can also land on your yard on a stack of dry leaves that can lead to an uncontrollable fire. To prevent this from happening to install a chimney cap with a wire meshing is a good idea to keep the hot sparks inside your chimney.

4. Prevent Smoke Downdrafts: Downdrafts are a serious problem when you use a wood-burning fireplace. Due to wind-induced downdrafts in an open chimney, your house can fill with smoke & toxic gases & cold air can also enter the home. Wind can also blow hot embers, soot & ashes all over the room. Chimney caps with vented sides can be helpful to prevent smoke downdrafts & your home will be more energy-efficient. 

5. Keep Your Fireplace dry during rain or snowfall: Without a chimney cap, your fireplace is most likely prone to damage due to rain & snowfall. Due to high pollution levels, rainwater is getting acidic day by day & this acidic rain can degrade the quality of your chimney. Due to this, it can be dangerous to use the chimney. By using chimney caps we can keep our fireplace dry during rain or snowfall & can protect from water damage.

6. Prevents Debris Build-Up; Without chimney cap leaves, twigs, branches & other debris can enter into a chimney & can cause blockages. These blockages can prevent proper venting & that can lead to internal chimney fires. Using a chimney cap over the chimney can block debris from getting into your chimney & can stop blockages. Chimney caps make sure that your chimney is venting properly.

Because your chimney cap protects your fireplace system from animals, moisture, water damage, foreign elements, sparks  & embers, it is recommended to use the best & high-quality chimney caps that are made of stainless steel or copper. By using chimney caps with a lifetime warranty you will never have to worry about the replacement if it gets damaged or rusty. Hiring a professional like Brian Pierce Roofing for your metal chimney cap installation means you’ll get a professional guarantee as well as high-quality roofing products & services to best suit your needs.