Know the Signs of Roof Damage due to Storms of Colorado Springs

Damaged Roof Signs

Colorado Springs usually don’t face stormy weather very often, yet it is unpredictable when strong winds make their way through the area. It leaves severe damage to the property especially the roof as there are high chances of roof collapse or else visible damages are always there. The roofing experts of Brian Pierce Roofing suggest inspecting the roof right after the storm as a wise idea. Being a hail-prone area in the U.S, every homeowner needs to spot the hail damage on their roof by a complete inspection. 

How does Wind Damage Affect the Roof?

Wind damage is different from the hail damage that grabs a complete roof into its grip. In contrast, wind damage affects the corners and the perimeter of the roof. Subsequently, if you find the curling up of the corners or notice the falling off shingles then it is a clear sign of wind damage. Every time, the condition of your roof will get worse as the interior structure would be exposed and even leakage issues would take place. 

It is paramount to notice that the wind damage is not only the destruction caused due to the intensity of the winds but also what debris is coming along with it. For instance, if your area has tall trees then there are higher chances for your roof to get hit badly. That’s the reason why roofing professionals, Colorado Springs, suggest trimming the trees for the longevity of the residential as well as commercial roofs. 

How to Spot the Signs of Wind Damage on the Roof?

It is only possible if you perform a roof check right after the storm passes by. Otherwise, it might be difficult to state that the damage you found is due to the strong winds.  Below are four visible signs of wind damage that you can spot on your roof easily. 

    Missing Shingles 

Missing shingles is a clear sign of roof damage by strong winds and heavy rain. If a storm passes by your vicinity, check your roof for missing or lose shingles and analyze it thoroughly.  

    Roof Leaks 

In the process of roof inspection, remember to have a look inside the attic as well. If you spot the humid patches on the ceiling or dripping water then it is the right time to call the roofing experts, Colorado Springs to fix this. 

   Shingle Granules or Fallen Debris on the Gutters

One of the best ways to track roof health is keeping an eye on the gutters as heavy rain and strong winds wash aways the shingles that fall into your gutters. 

Tip: If you find excessive shingle loss, contact a roofing contractor, Colorado Springs immediately. 

   Curling of the Shingles

Last but not least, the curling shingles is one of the main signs of wind damage that is not easy to spot from the ground.

How can Brian Pierce Roofing Help? 

The moment you find these signs of damage on your roof, get it repaired right away. If you wait for longer then you are putting your house at more risk. Ergo, roof repair at the right time is the right decision. 

At Brian Pierce Roofing, our roofing professionals are rendering excellent roof repair service in Colorado Springs for over 25 years. We offer residential and commercial roofing services with a satisfactory consultation for any type of roof. Contact us and discuss your roof damage with us today!