Re-Roofing: Know the Best Time of Year


Once you’re in the roof replacement planning phase, you need to know a couple of things from hiring the roofing contractor to the best season of the year for this task. Choosing the best material is the first thing to consider and then it comes to the design, color, and the list goes on. On top of all, you want to save money by not compromising with the quality. The best trick for the savings is to pick the right time for this service.  

Look at the following points and find out the best season that would become a boon for your roof replacement. 

1. Expensive Fall Season 

Usually, the busiest time for roofing contractors is the late summer through the fall months. As the rainy season is over and it’s perfect and dry to work over the roof without the unpredictable showers. This season is not only super busy but also expensive for homeowners. In Colorado Springs, late September and early October is the busy time for roof service and it is advisable to skip this time if you do not need any emergency roof repair service. Ergo, we encourage you to replace your roof during spring, summer, and even the winter months. 

2. Affordable Winter Season 

The biggest advantage of this season is that you may easily find the roofing contractor’s time as winter months are super slow for this service. Before this, you need to check your geographical location. If it allows for installation then go for it. Moreover, this is the best opportunity to buy a high-quality metal roof with the lowest price. Thus, don’t miss a great chance for saving your money. 

3. Spring Season 

Most of the construction projects pick up the pace during the spring. It is considered after the fall season due to some of the reasons such as:

  • After a long freezing duration, people grip up their tax returns and get their finances. That’s when the spring roofing service initiates.
  • Most of the homeowners are not willing to install a new roof as well as other exterior construction tasks because of snow caps and cold weather. Thus, they wait for spring to begin. 
  • After spending almost all the savings on buying gifts and parties till the new year celebrations, people can’t afford a roofing service. Eventually, they wait for the winter months to pass on and plan these services for next season.  

4. Pleasant Summer Season 

After the rush months of spring, summer is a good time as it is a somewhat slow yet secured time for roofers. Summers have extensive heat to damage the rooftops and the weekends to get the fixing. Thus, these months include many holidays to make memories. That’s why people are generally not available at their homes to perform a roof check. Resultantly, the graph of re-roofing services declines but it is also good to grab the opportunity and hire the best local roofing professional. 

Expert Tip: Choose the time for the roof installation between the 4th of July and Labor Day.

A Common Mistake & its Solution 

The most common mistake that many homeowners make is – they wait for the perfect time for specific tasks and this goes too long sometimes. It’s good to know about the right time but only in normal cases. 

The team of Brian Pierce Roofing suggests you have a track on the health of your roof then decide the time of service. The perfect time for any roof service is when the roof needs repair, not the perfect season. Additionally, the best way is to contact your local roofing experts and know the scenario to decide further.