How to Deal with Rust on the Roof

Rusty Roof

Are you planning for a roof replacement due to the rust on your metal roof? Undoubtedly, rust is the biggest enemy of metal. If you have a metal roof for more than 15 years, you may find spots of corrosion developing on the roof. 

The good news is that instead of roof replacement, you may deal with the rust grown on your roof and extend the roof lifespan easily. Here are the basic key points that are helpful to tackle the rust on your roof. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to deal with rust on the roof. 

Why does Rust Develop and What are its Effects?

Before every step, you must be aware of the root cause of the issue i.e. the reasons for the development of rust. When the metal comes in contact with the moisture in the air, corrosion, and rust take place causing a chemical reaction. 

Subsequently, the roofs affected by the harsh weather or the treated ones may wear down and start to develop corrosion. If you are living in high-rainfall or coastal areas, then your metal roof is more prone to rust. 

If left for long, the damage can be severe. It would lead to leakage issues. This can seriously weaken the integrity of the dwelling irreparably water damage. 

How to Avoid Rust Development?

To stop the rust development from your roof, below are the simple steps that you should perform. 

  • Take enough time to remove the maximum of rust. As the rust grows, take immediate action to remove it. Once you are done, a power wash is necessary to clean all the debris and dirt.
  • For better results, rinse your metal roof with the diluted solution of kitchen detergent mixed with water. Thoroughly clean the roof with this solution by using a soft nylon bristle broom.  

Note: Avoid using chemicals and sharp tools as these can take off the upper layer of your metal roof.   

What if You Spot Rust on Your Roof 

Make sure you have no swarf left on your roof. Swarfs are the leftovers of the material that is used during the roof installation and if the roof is not cleaned properly by your last roofers, it may cause rust before the expected time. 

If you happen to spot the rust on your roof due to swarf, then it’s time to clean it thoroughly with the help of a stiff-bristled brush then perform the steps to wash the roof with the detergent solution as explained above. 

However, if you found some scratches on the roof, roofing contractors, Colorado Springs suggest not to perform any repair on your own. It’s the right time to call the roofing experts. 

Final Word 

These are the key points for you on how to deal with the rust on your roof given by the roofing contractors, Colorado Springs. Furthermore, the cleaning process is essential to follow by avoiding the harsh chemicals and sharp tools over your roof. If you find this task is daunting then, contact us. We have more than 25 years of experience in roof installation, roof repair, replacement, and many more roofing services. Moreover, if you have any queries, we are available at 719 630 1044.