Fantastic work

Fantastic work
April 20, 2016

Hello Brenda & Brian

Your team did fantastic work last week replacing my roof. Thank you for sending a crew that was friendly, efficient, and (as best I can tell from down on the ground) talented. There were a couple of exceptional things they did down on the ground that I want to make sure you know ~ in most people's big picture, they're relatively small things...and they were great to me! The trailer for the debris was parked right near a few branches I had piled. I asked if it would be ok and if it were easy enough for them to throw them in the trailer ~ they did and I was really grateful to get rid of them. Then, to my utter surprise, when I went into the back yard the next day, I discovered your crew had swept my leaf piles from my back patio AND tossed a rather large pile of branches, too. Truly above and beyond, and a wonderful surprise and gift. You probably already know that these "small" touches can mean a lot to folks. Thank you for integrating these details into your business.

I also wanted to get a feel for when my new gutters will be put on. The old's been torn off, and it will be good to get some on before weather comes. (if weather ever comes our way again...!)

Happy Thanksgiving to you ~ Sally