Top 5 Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Signs of Bad Roofing

Most roofing companies render a professional roofing service with long-lasting results. But not every contractor is an expert in this job and performs a poor roofing service by pretending to be a roofing specialist. But to check the bad roofing, you don’t need to become an expert. Brian Pierce Roofing suggests super simple and top 5 hidden signs that clearly indicate the roofing is not done up to the mark as you expected. 

Check out the 5 common signs of bad roofing and inspect your roof. 

    Missing Drip Edge Flashing

If you experience a leaking roof or water ponding issue then you should look at the drip edge. The main purpose of a drip edge is to prevent water damage. However, it has become a necessity nowadays to install a  drip edge as it gives bonus protection from pests that take place in the attic.  


Whether it is a roof repair or any other concerned project, uniformity matters the most. Thus, inspect your roof and check the shingles are not wrongly installed, misplaced, wrong color, or size. These are the direct signs of wasting money on roofing that is going to get damaged soon. 

    Test the Structure 

Perform a structural test and find out the leaks, cracks, and other damages if visible. It is an easy yet important job to inspect the structure and pick the visible damages that might turn into great leaks in the coming years. 

    Missing Underlayment

 The underlayment is the best approach to waterproofing which is placed beneath the shingles. However, the missing underlay would not be too harmful to leaking but can shorten the roof lifespan. So, only a professional roofer takes care of all the aspects in extending the roof lifespan by installing the important elements in the roof. 

    Inappropriate Roofing Nails 

Last but not least, have you noticed whether the roofing nails are fitted properly or not? It is one of the important tasks and must be done correctly. Take a look and check if the nails are not too deep into the shingles, rusted, or placed in the wrong place. 


Usually, these common signs are noticed after a few months yet it is important to follow the signs and ensure the roof is installed or repaired perfectly. Brian Pierce Roofing suggests hiring a professional roofing contractor is always a wise idea instead of paying an inexperienced roofer. Because the experienced roofing contractor knows the value of your money and time and delivers quality service.