What are the Risk Factors While Working Over the Rooftop

Man Working on the Roof

When it comes to fixing the tiny roof damages, most people prefer DIY instead of hiring a roofing contractor. By doing this, they save a lot of bucks and gain experience in roof repair though only a few are aware of the risk factors while working over the rooftop. A study shows that workers in the roofing industry are three times more likely to have serious injuries as compared to other industries. Thus, it is always preferable to fix the roof if you are well-trained or experienced in doing such jobs. 

Let’s discuss the dangers and their causes that need to be addressed before performing any roof check or repair on your own. 

Risk to Fall

The majority of accidents that happen in the roofing industry are due to falling off the roof. It counts three fourth of the fatalities. The reason can be any – perfect weather or a rainy day but the chances of falling off the roof are always there due to a simple wrong footing. For this, you must have a basic idea of the unsafe areas on the roof to avoid stepping over there. 

Unsafe Areas to Step on the Roof 

Undoubtedly, accidents may happen in any area of the roof but the majority of fatalities take place at the roof edge. One of the best ways of security is by using proper equipment such as scaffolding, safety rope, and nets before doing such tasks. For more protection, warming lines are great to use while working on the roof. This enables workers to identify hazard zones on the roof and safety monitors that alert workers when they are in danger of potentially falling. 

Due to Electrocuted

Electrical accidents cause more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries to U.S. workers each year. There are many cases when such accidents occur by being stuck in lightning. Not for DIY tasks, it is equally a risky task for professional roofers too. That’s why the roofing projects are handed over the professionals as they have undergone proper training. 

Poor Perception

Anything may happen when one cannot manage the balance. Most of the time, inexperienced roofers or the homeowners who have fear of height may get bad depth perceptions and they end up with some serious injuries by falling off the roof. It takes only a few seconds to lose the balance due to bad perception, slipping, or tiredness for mishappening. 

Leave it on the Experts

Being the 6th most dangerous job in America, roofing must not be taken so lightly. The roof repairs can be done by homeowners only if they have training or knowledge, or else hiring the local roofing contractors is always the best option. If in Colorado Springs, talk to the roofing experts of Brian Pierce team for your roof repair. We have highly-experienced roofers to perform roofing service for both residential as well as commercial roofs.