What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Roof Leaking

It is easy to fix the common damages of the residential roof but what if the roof starts leaking suddenly? A roof leak is one of the common issues but when it happens suddenly, it becomes a huge responsibility for the homeowner to fix it on time. Thus, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below to get out of the leaking danger. 

Inspect the Leaks 

The first step is always fixed – find the spot from where the drops are falling. For this, look at the areas or hear the sound of the falling drops. Before that, it’s important to take a few safety measures.  Place a bucket under the leak and prevent the floor. Remember to move the furniture away from the wet area. Also, if any electronics are near the leak, it’s important to move them and unplug if anything else is nearby. 

Minimize the Pressure 

Check out if there is a discoloration on the ceiling. If so, then it is a clear sign of water pooling. This may turn into drastic damage afterward. So, it’s important to control the leakage by poking a small hole into the ceiling and allow the water to drain. This helps to prevent the ceiling from collapsing due to water pooling. 

Find the Source 

Now when you have managed the leakage and valuable elements of your house, it’s time to find the root place causing the damage. If possible, inspect your attic area and find if there are any holes, cracks, breakage, or opening that might be the reason for this damage. If you can’t find it then there must be a hidden hole. In case you have a roof slope, the hole must be outside. Thus, you need to have a keen observation on the top of your house. 

Temporary Treatment to the Damage 

Meanwhile, a temporary fixing is always a good and effective idea for a homeowner. We suggest having basic tools that are really helpful for emergency roof repairs. In case of heavy rain, tarps are the best solution to prevent further leakage. However, a tarp is only good to use when you don’t spot a leak. Fortunately, sealing the holes and cracks is the best to stop the uninvited drops inside the house. Use roofing tape or caulk inside your attic to close the inspected holes. 

Hire the Roofing Professionals

Being a homeowner, you always give the best service to the roof so as for the treatment of roof leak. But, these are temporary repairs. For a permanent effect, you must hire your local roofing professionals. 

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