When You Should Repair Or Replace The Roof?

As a homeowner, you always take care of every tiny thing to stay longer, especially those that protect your family and personal belongings such as roofs. Whether it is a commercial or residential roof, each needs care and attention over a specific time. Thus, it is helpful for you to understand when to patch, repair, or simply replace the entire roof. 

Undoubtedly, the first step is a complete inspection of the roof to choose the prior action to be taken accordingly.  Here are a few common scenarios below, a homeowner should go through and make the best decision. 

  • Age of the roof
  • Indoor leaks
  • Sagging roof
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Discoloration, moss, or algae 
  • Gutter replacement along with the roof repair
  • Number of shingle layers at your current roof

When You Should Patch or Repair  Your Roof 

We need to replace the entire roof after a certain period of time which is a bit of an expensive task. Fortunately, it’s possible to get it patched or repair concerned with the size of the damage. For instance, if there is minor damage or only a small area is affected then there is no need to replace the complete part.

A fallen branch can cause damage to a few shingles as well as a strong wind can lead to some missing shingles. In both conditions, it is advisable to have your roof fixed which is an easy and affordable option. Also, you may get it patched in case if the roof is leaking to some extent such as only from one isolated spot. 

When You Should Replace the Roof 

Generally, roof age is one of the most common reasons to replace it. To check the perfect time to replace the complete roof, notice the following signs:

  • If there is a large number of missing shingles
  • If the shingle debris is clogging the gutters
  • The curling at the edges or if you spot any discoloration over there


If you found the above signs then without a second thought, hire the best roofing contractors for a complete roof replacement.  

Bonus Tip: Some homeowners have a common question that can they just shingle over the existing ones

Although it is an affordable option yet a temporary fixing. Besides, layering over the current shingles does not fix the actual damage. That’s why most of the building authorities don’t allow a home to have more than two layers of roofing materials. In addition to it, it costs extra labor when it comes to remove everything and install a new roof. 

Ask a Roofing Professional 

After inspecting the roof, if you still don’t know that your roof needs to be patched, repaired, or replaced, then pick up one solution hire the best local roofing expert. They not only find the sensitive parts of the roof easily but also suggest you the best service to be done. Thus, don’t waste much time and let the experienced team handle this task.